• Applying glamlash magnetic liner onto model

    Instructions: 2-Step Lash Application - LINE & LASH!

    Shake magnetic liner well for 20 seconds & remove small tiny magnet anchors before applying your (magnetic) lashes.

    Step 1. "LINE" - Apply liner to the top of eyelid, close to the lash line as thick as the lash band. Allow to dry 30-60 seconds.
    Step 2. "LASH" - Place lash on top of the magnetic liner (close to the lash line) & press down. Check inner and outer corners are properly stuck down & that’s it, you’re done! Gorgeous lashes on within minutes.


    ✔️ Quality check before shipment

    ✔️ Carefully selected products for our customers

    ✔️ Premium products

    ✔️ Do it yourself application

    ✔️ Lashes on in minutes, sometimes seconds!

    ✔️ No hard to use lash glues

    ✔️ No need for lash infill appointments

    ✔️ No animal mink fur used

    ✔️ And importantly.. no damage done to your natural lashes! NO ONE WANTS DAMAGED NATURAL EYELASHES.


    ✔️ Women on the go!

    ✔️ Want a fast false lash application under 5 minutes!

    ✔️ Lashes that remain the same style, and not fall out leaving a sparse look

    ✔️ Customers that want to save money & time! Ideal for the busy business woman.

    ✔️ Customers who love freebies - All lash kits come with a FREE LINER

    ✔️ Customers who want false lashes that look & feel like REAL eyelashes!

    ✔️ IF you have short or near to no natural eyelashes, these will be ideal for you.

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