Located on the beautiful Gold Coast in Queenland Australia. Our lashes are here to supply our locals, Australia wide and overseas customers.

Our first premium range are the FEARLESSLY FEMININE COLLECTION. These magnetic lashes that have 6 tiny magnets attached to the handcrafted lash. On each magnetic lash, there are 6 micro magnet lashes, called anchors. Each micro magnet is to be removed before the lash is applied to the eyelid. Before applying the lash, the magnetic liner is to be applied to the top of the eyelid, and then the lash is attached to the liner. The anchors supplied can be attached on the inner and outer corners of the lash, or all 6 anchors can be applied to the magnets on the lash, the choice is yours. The lashes can be worn with or without the 6 tiny magnets. This unique style of applying lashes is changing up the lash game!

Why choose GLAMLASH?

  • GLAMLASH lashes are a good alternative to eyelash extensions, as it relieves the worry of eyelash extensions falling out leaving a "sparse" look. You don't have to worry taking time out of your busy day to get an infill. GLAMLASH is saving you time, money and energy!
  • The style of lashes remain the same style when taken care of. It's recommended after each use to place the lashes back onto the curved magnet strip inside it's hard travel case.
  • It takes less than 5 minutes to apply onto your eyelids.
  • No damage done to your natural lashes.
  • We are a cruelty free brand, no animal fur, mink or other animal by products are used in our products.
  • Our lashes are premium value and handcrafted
  • The material that the lashes mimic a soft lash feel touch.
  • Our minimalistic case design is beautifully has been created for our customers and their convenience. It comes with a mirror inside for when you need to apply your lashes on-the-go!