Answers to your questions

What are magnetic lashes?

Here at GLAMLASH our Magnetic lashes are false lashes that are placed on top of magnetic liner. 

What are tiny magnet anchors?

Our GLAMLASH magnet anchors are tiny removable magnets that come with each lash set from the Fearlessly Feminine Collection

What are tiny magnet anchors for?

The anchors are used for an extra hold fitting if you choose to use them. It’s optional to use these magnet anchors. Before applying your lashes to your eyelid, the magnet anchors do have to be removed. They can be used on the inner, middle and outer lashes.

How do you remove the anchors from the false lash?

That’s easy! They slide off from the fixed magnet on the lash.

What is the Fearlessly Feminine Collection?

The Fearlessly Feminine Collection are made up of 4 lash styles - Short, Medium, Long and Extra Long lashes. 

Who are the Fearlessly Feminine Collection suited for?

The Fearlessly Feminine Collection lashes are suitable for everyone. Suitable for beginner to advance lash wearers.

What do you get in a Fearlessly Feminine lash kit?

In the Fearlessly Feminine lash kit you receive 1 set of lashes with 6 removable magnet anchors. 1 GLAMLASH magnetic liner. 1 travel case with a mirror. Instructions how to apply. A resuable plastic pouch to store all items inside the pouch.

How do I store the magnet anchors for safe keeps?

There are 2 ways to store the anchors. 1. You can place the magnet anchors underneath the plastic. 2. Place them on the magnet strip inside the travel case.

What material are GLAMLASH magnetic lashes made from?

All our lashes are MINK FREE. No animals used in any of our products. We use PBT plastic that is safe and durable. This plastic in used in all house hold items such as tooth brushes.

Are magnetic lashes vegan friendly?

Our GLAMLASH lashes are vegan friendly with no animal products used to make our lashes.

What style will suit me best?

In our Fearlessly Feminine Collection we have a style to suit most. If you are wanting a short glam look, we recommend the Short FF1 style. We have medium, long and extra long for customers to choose from.

How do I apply magnetic lashes?

Two step application process. 1. Apply magnetic liner to eyelid (similar to using a liquid eyeliner) line the eye, then place the magnetic lash on top of the magnetic liner.

How long does shipping take?

If the order is received before 2pm on a business day, it is posted the same day. Expect a 2-3 day delivery or less for Australian customers.

Is there latex in the magnetic liner?

No, there is no latex in our GLAMLASH magnetic liner

Are magnetic lashes safe to use?

With anything that includes the eye area, it is advised to always take caution. If you have sensitivities, it’s recommended to patch test our magnetic liner before use. Magnetic lashes are placed on top of the magnetic liner, NOT on your natural lashes, therefore no damage is done to your natural lashes. 

I have no lashes, can I use magnetic lashes?

Yes. Our magnetic liner is placed on top of the eyelid and will create an appearance of having lashes.

I have very short lashes, can I use magnetic lashes?

Yes, of course. We recommend the Short style FF1 lashes from the Fearlessly Feminine Collection.

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes. We offer Free Shipping every Tuesday for the whole of 2022! That’s our NEW YEAR NEW ME gift to our customers. Take advantage of it!

When can I wear GLAMLASH lashes?

You can wear GLAMLASh lashes whenever you like. They’re suitable for all occasions, date night, shopping, staying home, work, events and more!

How long do magnetic lashes last for?

Our Fearlessly Feminine lashes can be used 30+ wears. 

Who can wear magnetic lashes?

Anyone who has a desire to wear false lashes.

Where can I purchase your magnetic lashes from?

Our online store www.glamlash.com.au

What is the difference between lash extensions and magnetic lashes?

Lash extensions are applied (glued) onto each individual natural lash of the customer. A professional lash tech is used to apply this method. Magnetic lashes are applied with lining the eyelid with magnetic liner and the magnetic false lash is placed on top of the liner. This method is done by you from home, or when you’re on the go. Lash extensions tend to fall out and you will need an infill every 2-3 weeks. Magnetic lashes keep the same shape over and over and applied each time you would like to wear false lashes. Our magnetic lashes last 30+ wears. 

Why choose magnetic lashes over lash extensions? 

Many reasons. No lash infills needed like you do with lash extensions. You save time and money. Freedom to have natural lashes and false lashes look. No fall out of lash extensions. Magnetic lashes keep the lash shape, whereas lash extensions over time with fall out loses the shape therefore you'll need lash infills. And importantly, No damage done to your natural lashes.